Therapeutic Massage by Mandi Bradford
at The Center Massage, Yoga, & Wellness Studio


 Please, take a moment to send an email about your overall massage experience with me.  Your honest feedback is appreciated as I use it to enhance your return visits and learn more about you as a massage client.  Your business is very much appreciatred and I aim to keep you happy!

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"Incredible! This was not my first massage by Mandi, and each one has exceeded the last. Mandi takes every conceivable measure to ensure that every detail is perfect. She uses eucalyptus every time, and never has to ask me, because she already knows it's my favorite! Her massage space is beautiful, peaceful, and so relaxing. Her intention and focus are abundantly clear during each session. Thank you, Mandi! Months of stress and strain melted away in 90 minutes! You're sensational!"  Dr. Kristie S.


 "I don't know what to say about your massages except that YOU ROCK!  I was completely satisfied with your services.  See you SOON!"   Michael F.


"Massage therapy has helped me stay quite healthy these past two years! Mandi is the best!"  Jim J.


"Mandi, you are the best! I recommend you all the time to my friends. Can't wait till my next appt!"  Renee V.


"Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful!"  Sharon B.


"Thank you so much for the LOVELY massage. You have a very nurturing touch...I feel awesome! :0)"  Michelle S.


"Hi Mandi, 
We were really satisified and relaxed from your services.  Melanie is allready looking forward to coming back as well as myself.  Thanks for working extra on my back and in general.  We will be telling everyone about your magic hands. haha... see ya soon!!!"  Joe and Mel.


"Thank you Mandi!   As you know I went quite awhile without a massage.  No matter what I tried over the last two weeks I couldn't sleep more than 5-6 hours.  After the 90 minute Ashiatsu massage yesterday, the sleep switch was back on!  I was so relaxed I dozed off early and slept over 10 hours last night.  Glorious sleep!!  Thank you for helping me get the rest I needed to feel good again all day!   My best to you!"  Kelley W.


"Mandi,  Thanks again for a wonderful massage experience.  Your new place is inviting and relaxing.  See you in a few weeks."  Scott A


"Had my first Ashiatsu massage today. It was absolutely awesome! If you want to relax tense, tight, tired muscles, this is the absolute way to go. Mandi is the best, go see her and treat yourself!" - Joe A


"You give the BEST massages EVER!!! Thanks again!  I went to your facepage and "liked" it!" - Ashley C


"Mandi is so great!! She creates a soothing atmosphere that you can just relax and enjoy the massage! Can't wait to get the ashiatsu massage next!! :)" - Lisa R


"One of the best massage therapists I have ever been to!
You apply just the right amount of pressure." - Aneesh T


"You have a very nice, healing touch. When I am relaxed I see colors and as you
were massaging me I saw blues and greens. Absolutely beautiful!" - Denise S


"The hands of an angel!" - Rick S


"You have the perfect pressure for a relaxing massage, just what I was needing." - Bryan Y  


"Mandi is the best!  You don't even have to tell her what needs attention- she finds it and fixes it.  She is a top-notch qualified professional!" - Jim J

"You are the only person I know who listens with her hands." -  Jim J

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