Therapeutic Massage by Mandi Bradford
at The Center Massage, Yoga, & Wellness Studio

About Your Licensed Massage Therapist


Hello and thank you for your interest in my professional massage services. My name is Mandi Bradford and I have been a Licensed Massage Therapist since December of 2007.


My love for receiving massage inspired me to learn the art myself. I am humbled by the healing power of massage therapy. If it's minor muscle pain, chronic debilitating pain, or just a relaxing massage you seek I am confident  in my skills and knowledge of the body to give you an unforgettable massage!



Some common reasons people seek me out for massage therapy include:

  • Customized massages session
  • Stress Relief
  • To fall asleep
  • Acute and chronic muscle tension
  • Sports/other injuries (rugby, soccer, track, slip & falls, auto accidents, ect.)
  • In conjunction with other therapies: chiropractic, physical, ect. 
  • Active and passive massage techniques 
  • Specialized treatment for plantar fasciitis
  • Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapist - using my feet to massage your body, a unique massage that not many therapists offer!    
  • Sarga Bodywork - First Certified Sarga Bodtworker in Michigan!

     I am a proud graduate of the Flint School of Therapeutic Massage with over 1,200 hours of training in massage therapy. My courses of study include 600 hours of Basic Massage Therapy training in 2007 and 600 hours of Advanced Medical Massage training in 2008 with an additional course on hot stone massage. In July of 2010 I completed training for Barefoot Basics Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy.  I have continued my education in this unique modality and now offer clients posterior, anterior, two footed, and select ashi-thai stretches. This is by far my favorite massage to give! In December of 2015 I trained with ACE Massage Cupping and I am certified in vacuum massage therapy. I now offer Sarga Bodywork, which I learned in March 2018, and will be continuing my education with this modality in July 2018.


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