Therapeutic Massage by Mandi Bradford
at The Center Massage, Yoga, & Wellness Studio

Sarga Bodywork


What is Sarga Bodywork?
THE WORD SARGA has meaning both in Spanish and in Sanskrit. In Spanish, sarga refers to a tapestry woven from many different threads. In Sanskrit, the word Sarga can refer to a creation or origin energy, made manifest into form. The Sarga is the fabric used by the therapist to keep balance while on the table.

SARGA BODYWORK encourages myofascial technique over effleurage or deep tissue techniques. Starting at the feet, the difference of this massage compared to others is felt immediately. The slow strokes make receiving the massage easy as you melt into the massage table. 

90 Minutes includes the entire body, aromatherapy option, hot towels, and hands-on massage for specific areas (hands, neck, feet)




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