Therapeutic Massage by Mandi Bradford
at The Center Massage, Yoga, & Wellness Studio

Ashiatsu Deep-feet Bar Therapy


Ashi - Foot          Atsu - Pressure

     "The Deepest Most Luxurious Massage on the Planet!" 

     As a Certified Ashiatsu Deep-Feet Bar Therapist I use my feet to apply deep compression therapy to your entire body.  This massage is targeted to clients who desire a deeper massage than the traditional hands-on massage. With the help of gravity and a set of overhead bars I use one and two footed strokes to put your body at ease.  

     By using my smooth, always pedicured and clean feet I deliver the deepest, most luxurious massage on the planet!  Minimal draping may be used, however, your comfort level is always respected.  

     I have been trained in all four courses and I am confident you will love ashiatsu just as much as I do!





What to Expect

When scheduling your Ashiatsu® massage for the first time, it is recommended to remove all clothing and garments. Proper draping to ensure your privacy is guaranteed, and will be utilized at ALL times during your session. The therapist will only uncover the areas he/she is working on.

In the massage room, you will see two long dowels running parallel above your massage table. These are used by the therapist to maintain control of balance and pressure during your session. Always communicate when your therapist needs to adjust pressure to remain within your comfort levels.

Drink plenty of water before and after your scheduled session. This form of compression therapy will substantially increase your lymph waste removal, and dehydration is a possibility.

Plan to take it easy for the day! Ashiatsu® has a direct effect upon the nervous system; slowing it down, and relaxing the body. You will probably wish to take a nap afterwards, and that is the best choice you could make! This allows your body to assimilate the structural changes that are taking place.

If you must be active or exercise, do so at a reduced level. Chance of injury, due to relaxed joints and tissue, increases for the first 24-32 hours after deep compression bodywork. Be aware of the changes taking place, and proceed cautiously. Take your time! Walk leisurely, move intentionally!



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